Ride for Life

A Safe Mothers Safe Babies service

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Why drive for Ride for Life

With Ride for Life, you'll be helping women who need to get to healthcare fast, making a meaningful difference in the health of your community. Rather than look for riders and negotiate an in-person exchange with a potential rider, the Ride for Life takes care of all that. You get immediately requested by someone who needs a ride, and payment is handled within the app.

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Give back

Many women don't have access to reliable healthcare. In order to get to the clinics they need, they have to depend on unreliable buses or walk several kilometers each way. This means many pregnant women don't get as many health checks as they should, and often neglect their own care until it's too late. As a Ride for Life driver, you'll help solve this problem.

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Reliable work

Instead of having to barter with potential riders, Ride for Life takes care of payment directly within the app. You're empowered to set your pricing in advance, so the rider who requests your services knows exactly what they will pay.

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You'll not only be helping out women in your community, but you'll also get to know other like-minded drivers in your area. You can connect with other drivers to share routes, tips, and experiences, and maybe even partner when they're are multiple women needing a ride to a clinic.