Ride for Life

A Safe Mothers Safe Babies service

Safe and Ride for Life team photo in front of health clinic

About Ride for Life

SAFE serves mothers in Uganda to improve maternal and child survival. One of the biggest obstacles women face while pregnant is getting to a health facility to safely deliver. Most people do not own a car or a motorcycle, and a majority live greater than 5 km from a health center (an hour by foot). That's why we started Ride for Life, an app that identifies and sends a text to the nearest motorcycle ambulance driver.

One of the founders tends to a patient

The SAFE story

Jacquie Cutts, Tina Castellan, and Mukalu Medie founded SAFE in 2009, following their experience developing a collegiate-based initiative at Vassar College in 2007--the Vassar Uganda Project. Since those early days, they've learned from and built on their experiences to improve maternal health outcomes in Uganda, developing a community and evidence-based model targeting the "Three Delays" to ensure that mothers and children in the first 1,000 days of life lead healthy, empowered lives. Ride for Life is SAFE's most recent initiative.

Meet the team

Jacquie Cutts headshot

Jacquie Cutts

Founding President and CEO

Stephanie Hackett headshot

Stephanie Hackett

Vice President

Mukalu Mohamed headshot

Mukalu Mohamed

Program Director

Whitney Williams Skowronskie headshot

Whitney Williams Skowronskie

International Operations Director

Jamie Hill headshot

Jamie Hill

Chief Financial Officer

Richard Cutts headshot

Richard Cutts

Technical Director